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About Kemper Products

Kemper Valve & Fittings Corp. engages in manufacturing, supplying, and selling pressure pipe unions. It manufactures and sells pressure pipe unions and related oilfield fluid control products. Its quality products include integral fittings, crossovers, hose loops, joints, manifolds, and flow line valves.

Since the year 1965, Kemper Valve & Fittings Corp. has been manufacturing and selling high and low-pressure pipe unions and similar oilfield fluid control products. The Company has been serving the oil and gas industry for several years. It offers a complete product line for the well-servicing segment of the oilfield.

A few products include manifolds, plug valves, hammer unions, swivel joints, hose loops, check valves, pup joints, pressure relief valves, and additional high-pressure fittings.

Where to buy Kemper Products?

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