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About LHR Safety Products in Dubai,UAE

LHR has been providing safety solutions to the oil industry and other industries since 1983. It was founded to create value for customers as a distribution partner. LHR Safety products are manufactured by maintaining consistency in the quality and efficiency of the products. Triune is a licensed distributor of LHR safety equipment serving Dubai – UAE and the world.

LHR safety maintains high and consistent quality in every product. Through its diversified range of safety products, LHR aims to satisfy the needs of every industry. Its products are durable and reliable safety equipment. Not only are LHR products effective but they are also great value for money. 

LHR believes that the supply of safety gear is as important as the gear’s quality, dependability, and strength to protect against difficult jobs. For this reason, they work with the best manufacturers to build tailored safety products that offer optimum protection, enhance productivity, and reduce risk without limiting the mobility of the person.  

The product width and commitment of inventory make sure that there is consistency in materials, accuracy in shipments, and timely delivery. Through its years of personnel and distribution experience, LHR aims to provide value-added services with top-quality safety products. 

The business principle of LHR is to create value for their customers and serve the customers through the world’s best business principles and practices. LHR strives to supply the best quality safety equipment across the globe. 

LHR’s hand safety tools safeguard hands by providing free movement and avoiding pinch points.  

Triune is a one-stop solution for all Oilfield and Industrial supplies across the globe. We are licensed distributors of LHR brand safety products in Dubai – UAE and worldwide. With a broad product range, we offer attractive competitive pricing on bulk orders and oilfield and industrial supplies.  

All our products are of high quality so you can rest easy and order your essential supplies with confidence. On multiple product orders, you can avail of our consolidated shipping and get your products delivered to your doorstep. Our short lead time and fast shipping will help you in getting your supplies in no time. No matter the query, you can contact us at any time. We would be happy to assist you with anything related to your purchase. 

At Triune, there are numerous LHR safety products including, Hand Safety Grabit-LHR GHST2, Kit Tethered Tool 13 Piece, Hand Safety Non-Conductive ShoveIt, and many more products. 

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