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About Roughneck Products In Dubai,UAE

Roughneck offers durable, innovative, good quality and great value products that are suitable for tough working conditions. The brand Roughneck has been the trusted choice of the construction trade professional and other workers for several years.

Where to buy Roughneck Products?

Triune is an oilfield and industrial supplier that offers various products such as personal protective equipment, rig tools, rig spare parts, lubricants, cleaners, and so on. If you are looking to buy Roughneck products in Dubai, UAE then visit and get the products delivered to your workplace.

Why Choose Triune?

Here’s why you should choose Triune to get Roughneck products and all your oilfield and industrial supplies.

We are reliable

We have gained the trust of our customers by providing oilfield and industrial supplies to numerous customers over the years.

Order With Confidence

Triune offers original oilfield and industrial supplies with assured quality.

We Offer Consolidated Shipping

Through our consolidated shipping, you can get all your products delivered together with no real hassle.

We Respond Promptly

For any queries related to products or order details, you can reach out to us at +971501814676

We Provide Competitive Bulk Pricing

Save your money while getting your oilfield or industrial supplies in bulk through our competitive pricing for bulk orders.

We Have Short Lead Times

Our short lead times mean faster delivery of oilfield and industrial products to your workplace.

We Ensure Stock Availability

We always keep all the oilfield and industrial supplies in massive stocks so that you don’t have to wait for the products whenever there is a need.

Call: +971 55 7489871
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