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About Sullair Products in Dubai, UAE

Sullair has been an unrivaled leader in offering compressed air solutions for more than 50 years. It was one of the first companies to adopt rotary screw technology in air compressors.  The Sullair machines are well-known across the globe for their superior durability.  

Over the years, Sullair Corporation strongly focused on the research and development, and manufacturing of screw air compressors and offering suitable solutions to various industries. Through its consistent efforts, Sullair gained popularity as one of the best air compressor brands across the globe. 

The primary products of Sullair include portable screw compressors, chemical, screw vacuum pumps, stationary screw compressors, vacuum pumps, air dryers, and precision filters. 

Maintenance personnel and operators strive hard to maintain the air compressors in their best condition. The compressors in the air system require high-quality filters to make sure that only clean air exits the application. 

Sullair’s inline filters offer the highest quality filtration to various industries. They come in multiple filtration grades to meet the various needs of the industry. These filters are highly efficient and meet the strictest test requirements of ISO 8573.1. 

The filters from Sullair have been popularly used in the Instrumentation, Electronics, Food, and Beverage industries. They purify and clean the air, reduce oil content, and prolong the life of elements. 

Triune is an authorized supplier of Sullair products for the Oil industry and other industries through the UAE and the world. Our top picks from Sullair products are Sullair Filter and Sullair Hydraulic 32 5Gal pail. 

Our goal is to attain complete customer satisfaction through quality services and products. We always prioritize customer experience over everything else and work hard to provide you a user-friendly experience at triune. 

Triune is an international Oilfield and Industrial supplier based in Dubai – UAE. We specialize in providing well servicing, production equipment, and on/offshore to the Oil industry all over the world.  

We enable users to purchase products and services that meet their needs through our global network. Our aim is to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers, and that is why we strongly focus on providing the best possible prices for oil harvesting equipment.  

Triune is a one-stop supply-chain and oilfield solution source.  Our prices are highly competitive for bulk orders of oilfield and industrial supplies. Our agents and representatives take the necessary measures to provide you the best buying experience online. 

Get all your oilfield and industrial supplies today! 

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