How to Choose the Right Oteco Oilfield Equipment and Accessories?

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Oteco has been one of the top manufacturers of good-quality oilfield equipment and accessories. Every product has to meet the highest quality standards to make it to the market. Choosing Oteco’s oilfield equipment and accessories for your project is a wise decision.

Oilfield drilling is a complicated process that involves several tools and equipment for ensuring proper extraction of oil, cleaning, and safety. Oilfields require an overwhelming variety of equipment as each tool and equipment has an important and unique role to play.

Are you looking to buy Oteco’s oilfield products but don’t know which ones are most suitable? Read on to know more.

Choosing the right Oteco Oilfield Equipment and Accessories

Oteco’s product offering for Oilfields is vast. Some of the best Oteco products for Oilfields are as follows:

Oteco Box Wrench

Oteco’s Box Wrench is one of the best hand tools. The box wrenches come in different sizes to fit nuts or studs sized from 5/8 inches to 2-1/2 inches. Due to their wide size offering, they are useful in various applications.

Box Wrench is used to loosening stuck fasteners as more torque can be applied without causing any damage to the ratchet mechanism. Box wrenches have a closed-loop on one or both ends of the handle. The closed ends fit the bolts of various diameters.

Oteco Box Wrench Functionality
  • Tightening or loosening bolts and nuts in tight spaces.
  • Standard and Metric sizes.
  • Better torque control while tightening or loosening nuts or bolts.
  • Reduced chance of accidental slippage of the fastener while tightening or loosening nuts or bolts.
Box Wrench Models

Box Wrenches are available in various models for wide applications. They include: 425063 BOX WRENCH, BW5063,0.63 STUD; 425088 BOX WRENCH, BW5088, 0.88 STUD; 425100 BOX WRENCH, BW5100, 1.00 STUD; 425113 BOX WRENCH, BW5113, 1.13 STUD; 425075 BOX WRENCH, BW5075, 0.75 STUD;  425125 BOX WRENCH, BW5125, 1.25 STUD; 425150 BOX WRENCH, BW5150, 1.50 STUD; 425163 BOX WRENCH, BW5163, 1.63 STUD; 425175 BOX WRENCH, BW5175, 1.75 STUD; 425232 BOX WRENCH, BW5232,2.32 STUD; 425138 BOX WRENCH, BW5138, 1.38 STUD; 425188 BOX WRENCH, BW5188, 1.88 STUD; 425225 BOX WRENCH, BW5225, 2.25 STUD; 425200 BOX WRENCH, BW5200, 2.00 STUD;  425250 BOX WRENCH, BW5250, 2.50 STUD.

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Oteco Mud Guards

Mudguards catch mud and dirt that are blown during oilfield drilling. They protect the equipment from scratches, corrosion of rocks, and other debris. They help in lowering the costs by reducing the loss of drilling fluids.

Oteco’s Mud Guards come in two different models; they are MG-600 and MG-800. They are differentiated based on their sizes and drill pipe capacities.

The MG-600 is 6 feet x 10-3/4 inches and can accommodate drill pipes with sizes ranging from 2-3/8 inches to 5-1/2 inches.

The MG-800 is 6 feet x 16 inches and can accommodate drill pipes with sizes ranging from 2-3/8 inches to 9-5/8 inches. It has a larger cavity which is designed for handling large volumes of line fluids,

Both MG-600 and MG-800 are offered in Standard (Neoprene) and Customized (Nitrile) side and end seals.

Oteco Mud Guard Functionality
  • Save the expenses of lost drilling fluids.
  • Lessen the labor required for rig washdown.
  • Lower chances of accidents.
Mud Guard Models



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Oteco Oil Guards

Oil Guards are used in Oilfield drilling to prevent loss of drilling fluids. They also help in preventing accidents that may occur due to slippery rig floors.

Oteco offers a single Oil Guard which is MG -500. MG-500 has a design similar to the mudguards. The MG-500 is 4 feet x 6 inches and can accommodate tubes with sizes ranging from 2-1/16 inches to 3-1/2 inches.

Oteco Oil Guard Functionality
  • Prevent the loss of drilling fluids.
  • Prevent accidents due to slippery floors.
Oil Guard Models


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Oteco Mudguard End Seal set

Oteco’s Mudguard end seal set comprises side seals, shock absorber, seal retainer, and valve seals. The End seal set is made of Neoprene rubber. It is compatible with both Mud Guards MG-600 and MG-800. The Mudguard seal set consists of end seals in assorted sizes.

Oteco Mud Guard End Seal Set Functionality
  • Acts as seal to Mudguards
  • Retains seals
  • Absorbs shock
  • Enhances Efficiency of the mudguard
Mud Guard End Seal Set Models

The Mud Guard End Seal Sets come in three different models including Mudguard, end seal set, 601,4.00CR – 433634; Mudguard, end seal set, 601,5.00CR – 433636; Mudguard, end seal set, 601,3.50CR – 433633.

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Oteco Balancing Strap

Oteco balancing straps help in maintaining the position of the center-latch elevators. It makes elevator handling easier and decreases fatigue. The size of the Oteco Balancing strap is 2-3/4 inches. And it has a capacity of 50lbs.

The balancing strap is attached to the link with the help of a bolt assembly. The balancing strap consists of twisted metal loop at its other end. It is attached to the elevator handle.

Oteco Balancing Strap Functionality
  • Easy handling of elevators.
  • Reduces fatigue.
Oteco Balancing Strap Models

The Oteco Balancing strap only comes in one model.

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Oteco Rubber Pipe Wiper & Flap Wheel

Oteco offers a broad variety of pipe wipers. These pipe wipers come in oval, single, handlebar, and double bar types. They are offered in either standard natural black rubber compound or oil-resistant red nitrile rubber compounds.

Additionally, the double wipers come in split, split rap-a-round, and solid configurations. Oteco’s pipe wipers have an additional metal insert attached to the resilient rubber that enhances its tearing resistance.

Flap wheels are wheels consisting of flaps used for light grinding and polishing. Mounted flap wheels are ideal for most applications.

Oteco Rubber Pipe Wiper & Flap Wheel Functionality
  • Pipe wipers help in eliminating dirt, and debris.
  • Pipe wipers help in keeping the oil rig floor tidy.
  • Pipe wipers provide additional protection to oil rig personnel and drilling equipment.
  • Flap wheels are primarily used for polishing and light grinding.
Oteco Rubber Pipe Wiper & Flap Wheel Models

Oteco offers two types of pipe wipers including Rubber Pipe Wiper. Part No: 17″ and Rubber Pipe Wiper. Part No: 19″.

Oteco offers two types of Flap wheels including Flap Wheel. Size: 40X25mm. Shank Dia: 6mm. Grit: 120. RPM: 19000. Part GS4025120 Part No: 4 and Flap Wheel. Size: 40X25mm. Shank Dia: 6mm. Grit: 320. RPM: 19000. Part GS4025320 Part No: 4

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Oteco Tong Pull Back Straps

Oteco’s ting pull-back rubber strap serves as a rubber spring that spontaneously shifts tongs to the other side of the floor in the middle of each break-out or makeup.

The first loop of the tong strap is hooked to the tong line pin at the manual tong arm’s end. The other loop is secured with a mooring line to a suitable location. The pull-back is slightly stretched for better functionality.

Oteco Tong Pull Back Functionality
  • Easy installation of tong.
  • Quick repositioning of tong.
Oteco Tong Pull Back Models

Oteco offers only one type of Tong Pull Back Model.

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Based on your project needs, you can choose from the above Oteco products. For more Oilfield and Industrial supplies, you can search here.

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