Jet-Lube API-Modified – A High-Pressure Thread Compound For Oilfields

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Jet-Lube API-Modified Compound is a high-pressure thread compound that offers protection against corrosion and rust. It meets and exceeds the prerequisites of ISO 13678 Annex A and API RP5A3. It is formulated with speciality oxidation and rust inhibitors. The oxidation and rust inhibitors are finely blended with the custom-refined base grease. The base grease is low-sulfur oil that enables ease of brushability even under extreme temperatures.

API-Modified decreases the friction during tubing and casing makeup. Moreover, it prevents the wear and galling of the drilling equipment. It offers optimum thread engagement and ensures maximum resistance against leaks.

Jet-Lube API-Modified is highly adhesive and sticks to various surfaces easily. It offers high resistance against water washout and prevents corrosion and rust.

API-Modified is composed of inhibitors that offer optimum protection to the threaded surfaces and prevent rust and corrosion. It possesses conductivity that decreases the chances of electrolytic corrosion. Additionally, it also prevents the generation of galvanic cells under saltwater and other corrosive liquids.


  • Jet-Lube API-Modified compound is composed of rust & oxidation inhibitors.
  • It remains brushable over a broad range of temperatures.
  • It is excessively adhesive and sticks to all types of surfaces.
  • It can withstand extreme pressures up to 10,000 psi.
  • It does not dry or hardens in storage.
  • It fulfils and exceeds API RP 5A3/ISO 13678 requirements.
  • It contains additives that offer maximum corrosion and rust protection.
  • It possesses exceptional lubrication qualities that prevent wear and galling.
  • It can adhere to both oily and wet threads.
  • It can prevent leakage up to 10,000 psi on API Connection designs.
  • It has an even higher leak prevention capacity on mechanical seal connection designs.
  • It is formulated and developed specifically for API casing, tank batteries, flow lines, line pipes, and other tubing connections.


API-Modified is a speciality compound developed for applications on tubing connections such as 8-Round, buttress, API casing, flow lines, tank batteries, line pipe, subsurface production tools, and more. When brushed on, it will lubricate, protect and seal threaded connections of oilfield tubular equipment even in storage, makeup, and service. It can be used on proprietary mechanical seal connection designs but it is not recommended for rotary shouldered connections.

The maximum operating temperatures for API connection designs are based on connection designs. The maximum operating temperatures for some connections is up to 400°F (205°C). You may consult the connection manufacturer prior to usage in case of higher temperature limits.

Product Lines

Jet-Lube API-Modified falls in product lines including OCTG Products, Drilling Compounds, API Compounds and Thread Sealants.

Equipment Types

Jet-Lube API-Modified is useful for equipment types like OCTG Tubulars and Drilling Machinery – Oilfield.

Oilfield – Production (OCTG)

Oil and Gas Production industries operate under extreme temperatures, pressures and environmental conditions such as heat, corrosive substances, moisture, and others. Jet-Lube’s compounds ensure high productivity and maintain peak performance of the drilling equipment even in such an environment.

Jet-Lube has developed lubricants and greases comprising special extreme temperature and pressure additives for providing maximum anti-wear protection.

Oilfield – Drilling

Jet-Lube’s compounds perform well as lubricants, drilling compounds, completion compounds, cleaners, and penetrants in various drilling conditions.  There are specific compounds to meet the needs of the industry. Jet-Lube’s products are formulated to offer optimum protection against cold, heat, sour gas, or saltwater.

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