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Jetlube’s Kopr-Kote is a supreme quality, oilfield compound formulated with graphite, copper flakes, anti-wear additives, and natural extreme pressure additives. Kopr-Kote is a Geothermal oilfield compound.

Kopr-Kote is formulated with aluminum thickener and petroleum fluid. It is an anti-seize, low-friction lubricant. It offers exceptional protection to the equipment and prevents seizures and corrosion.

Kopr-Kote enables full hydraulic joint efficiency that allows smooth operation of joint shoulder faces and prevents any deformation or standoff.

It comes in a solid package that is specifically developed to prevent excessive makeup in the enclosing through higher friction coefficient used within compressive forces. When the stress levels increase and rise 50% above the yield, the friction factor also increases and hinders the downhole makeup.

Jetlube’s Kopr-Kote is immensely suitable for application on pump housings, lathe centres, flanges, threaded connections, studs, autoclaves, exhaust manifold bolts, compressor heads, and more.

Benefits and Applications

  • Kopr-Kote is not classified as a marine pollutant.
  • It is NSF H2 registered.
  • It is high-temperature complex grease.
  • It contains extreme pressure additives that offer excessive protection against galling and seizing.
  • It uses Aluminum-complex as a base which is effective in protecting the equipment against corrosion and rust.
  • It is highly adhesive and sticks to wet joints seamlessly.
  • It enables consistent make-up.
  • It offers outstanding resistance against the makeup downhole.
  • It is available in various grades like Thermal, Arctic and Specialty grades.
  • It is approved by Nam/Shell for its exceptional under-balanced drilling applications.
  • It possesses repeatable frictional characteristics.
  • It does not contain zinc or lead.
  • It has a service rating of -65°F (-54°C) to 1800° (982°C).
  • It reduces friction and wrench torque.
  • It is unaffected by vibration, contraction and expansion.
  • It does not become runny, settle or dry out.
  • It saves studs, allows bolt and nut replacement, and re-use of fittings.
  • Kopr-Kote is available in a convenient aerosol pack.

Common Uses for Kopr-Kote® (Oilfield) in Industries

Oilfield – Drilling

Jet-Lube’s Kopr-Kote performs impressively in every drilling condition. It can be used as a drilling compound, lubricants, cleaner, and completion compound. It is formulated and developed in different grades to meet the Industry’s various needs such as salt-water, extremely hot, sour-gas, or extremely cold temperature.

Drill Collars & Tool Joints

Jet-Lube’s Kopr-Kote can be used on various drill string connections. It offers optimum protection against high temperatures. It can withstand high pressure and perform well even in a harsh environment.

Drilling Compounds

Kopr-Kote can be applied to various drilling compounds based on the type of application. It can be used as a drill collar compound, tool joint compound, and thread compound.

Drilling Machinery

Jet-Lube’s Kopr-Kote serves as a highly effective lubricant on drilling machinery. With an ability to withstand extreme temperature, Kopr-Kote protects the drilling machinery against rust and corrosion.

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