Finger Saver and Lanyard-Best Hand Safety Tool

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Finger Saver is the ultimate hand safety tool that offers optimum protection to hands and fingers. It is an innovative tool produced by combining innovative technologies and excellent design functionality.

Workers working on the fronts lines in Industries face several dangers. Without a Finger Saver, worker’s fingers are always at risk.

Through the utilization of specific tools, hand and finger injuries can be minimized to a large extent. It also improves productivity significantly.

Utility of Finger Saver – Hands free safety tool

The following points highlight the utility of a Finger Saver:

  • Workers working in Oil drilling and refinery both onshore and offshore sectors.
  • Construction Workers
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Other Industries

How does it work?

The Finger Saver tool consists of a string that tightens around the Bolt and/or Nut while lifting or locating the spanner. It can be extended to broaden the buffer zone without loosening the grip.

It is a great tool that offers support similar to that of fingers and hands. The design of the finger saver tool is tested on various applications where large spanners are used on bolts and nuts.

Moreover, the Finger Saver Tool can effectively absorb vibrations and shock generated from hammer impact. It also offers a safe distance from hot equipment.

Users of Finger Saver Tool are advised to assess its utility and risks involved based on their operations to avoid danger. Although it is a powerful hand safety tool, the Finger Saver Tools is not a lifting tool and is not recommended for breaking strains or working with heavy loads.


  • Lightweight tool.
  • Strong and durable outer shell.
  • Easy to use.
  • Offers a Finger-like grip to tools that require precise clutch like bolts and nuts while hammering.
  • Creates a buffer zone for avoiding crush, pinch points, and impact.
  • Added support in the release mechanism.
  • Effectively absorbs vibration shocks from hammers and sledgehammers.
  • Available in various sizes Long Finger Saver and Standard Finger Saver.

Why Use Finger Saver Tool?

  • Prevent losing fingers while working in hazardous places.
  • Avoid pain and damage to hands.
  • Avoid losing hands.
  • Avoid losing the functionality of a finger/fingers.

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S.No Product Code Length
1 OHSFS295 Finger Saver Compact 295mm
2 OHSFS375 Finger Saver Standard 375mm
3 OHSFS850 Finger Saver Long 850mm
4 OHSSLAN Safety Lanyard 1000mm

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Finger Saver and Lanyard-Best Hand Safety Tool

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