What are the Top Oteco Products?

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Are you looking to buy the best Oteco products but do not know where to start? If yes, then you are in luck because we have curated the top products from Oteco for you.

When it comes to oilfield equipment and accessories, Oteco has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality oilfield and industrial supplies.

From chain connectors to wireline equipment, Oteco offers all kinds of tools and equipment needed in various industries. You can choose from a wide variety of products that fulfill your industry needs.

Top Products from Oteco

Oteco offers top quality oilfield and insutrial supplies and accessories. Here are the most effective and top-qaulity products from Oteco:

1.Oteco Pipe wiper & Flap Wheel

Oteco offers Pipe wipers and flap wheels in different varieties. These Pipe wipers are available in single, oval, double, and handlebar variants and in oil-resistant (red) nitrile rubber compounds and natural (black) compounds. Additionally, these pipe wipers are also made in split, solid, and split rap-a-round configurations.

Oteco Pipe wipers contain a fortified metal insert that is molded to resilient rubber. It enhances the tear resistance of Oteco’s Piper wipers. The Flap Wheel from Oteco is made with top-quality rubber compounds and is structurally reinforced. It is specially compounded and bonded for longer life.

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2.Oteco Mud & Oil Guards

Oteco mud guards come in two models: MG-600 and MG-800. These mudguards are cost-effective in lowering the expenses of lost drilling fluids, reduced potential for hazards, reduced labor for rig wash down, and more.

The MG-600 is a full-size mudguard with 4′-5′ (approx.) size and can handle drill pipe sizes from 2-3/8 in. to 5-1/2 in. The MG-800 is a mudguard with a 6’16” large cavity designed for 2-3/8 in. to 6-5/8 in drill pipe sizes. The end seals and side seals of both the models come in nitrile and neoprene compounds.

Oteco oil guard offers MG-500, an Oil Guard similar to Mudguards. The MG-500 is a lightweight 4’6″ oil guard with a 3-inch standard outlet end connection. It helps in saving the lost oil effectively and protects the environment. The end seals and side seals of the oil guards also come in nitrile and neoprene compounds.

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3.Oteco DM Gate Valve

Oteco DM Style Gate Valves come in four sizes including 2 Inch, 3 Inch, 4 Inch, and 5 Inches. Every gate valve has pressure of 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 & 7,500 psi respectively. They have the service types of Standard, Sour Gas, Cold Service, and High Pressure. The temperature rating of the DM style gate valve is -20° F to 250° F. They possess Threaded, Buttweld, Flanged, and Union connections.

Oteco DM gate valve is best suitable for low-cost valve operation. They are manufactured with corrosion-resistant and high-strength weldable alloys and components. They offer ease of in-line repairs and 7,500 PSI working pressure ratings. Additionally, it includes sour gas or standard trim options, and 90 durometer main seals.

Oteco’s DM  style gate valves contain high-strength steel inserts and tight fit tolerances. They offer extended body stud thread engagement and corrosion-resistant gate and stem. They come in standard and sour gas trim variants.

4.Oteco Gate Valve Model 72

Oteco Gate Valve Model 72 is a Standard Gate Valve that comes in 2 Inch, 3 Inch, 4 Inch, and 5 Inch sizes. They are available in pressure 2,000, 3,000, & 5,000 psi and temperature rating of -20° F to 250° F.

The Oteco Gate Valve Model 72 possesses connections such as Threaded, Buttweld, Flanged, Union, and OTECO Connector. Their service types are Standard, Sour Gas, and Waterflood.

Model 72 gate valve has been specifically designed for the oilfield. It is the best choice for applications that require 250° F (121° C) temperatures and 5,000 psi working pressure. It is well-known for optimum flexibility and reliability.

The Model 72 gate valve is best suitable for sour gas and crude oil service, corrosive waterflood applications, and some wellhead applications.

Regardless of its application inflow line, mud system, floor and standpipe manifold, the Model 72 is proven for ease of operation, tight shut-offs, quick, low-cost field renewal, and long life. The Body Subs provide ease of changing valve connections without changing the entire valve body.

Oteco Gate Valve Model 72 consists of heavy-duty stem threads and extra-large ball bearings that reduce the torque needed for valve operation. In addition, it also has a proven interlocking gate packing and wears plate design. They collectively safeguard the valve body and cap during repeated valve opening and closing.

5.Oteco Track Filler

The Oteco Wheel Track Filler is stout with a total load rating of 14 tons. The mainframe is built with a heavy 3 X 5 box beam. It is set on an undercarriage comprising 4 spindles attached to 2 extra heavy rocker arms.

Assembling the Oteco Wheel Track Filler requires a dual shield MIG welding process for added strength and the latest fixturing techniques for ensuring accuracy.

Oteco Track Filler is a popular device in the agriculture industry. It helps in preventing water accumulation in ruts by filling them properly with suitable material. It can fill ruts with any depth seamlessly without any extra labor.

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