What oil and safety guidelines should be followed for optimum safety of the workers?

What oil and safety guidelines should be followed for optimum safety of the workers

Oilfields and other industries provide employment and livelihood to many. Numerous people die or become disabled every year due to accidents at the job site.

In order to ensure the worker’s safety in the working environment, employees should follow certain guidelines.

The oilfields and Gas industry are among the riskiest industries and deserve the utmost attention. They involve various risky processes especially the hydrocarbon processes including Refineries, Exploration, Gas Processing units, Pipelines, and Marketing installations.

Some of the important guidelines that are to be followed for ensuring worker’s safety include:

Employers Role

Employers should dedicate a competent individual to ensure the worker’s safety. They should also make sure that the individual is competent and aware of the safety requirements and practices.

Safety Practices at the Job site

Certain safety practices can prevent several accidents and reduce risks to a great extent. Some of the safety practices you can follow include:

  • Indication of all openings and other areas that can cause harm to workers.
  • Compelling the Employees to wear safety equipment as per the job requirement.
  • Provision of training to workers regarding the use of Personal Protective Equipment or PPE.
  • Ensure the proper usage of tools and equipment at the job site.
  • Ensure the correct storage of the working material and equipment.
  • Removal of flammable materials, industrial waste, and debris at regular intervals.
  • Regular cleaning of workplaces and passageways covered with oil or greases.

Focus on Training

Employers should provide training to all the employees including workers, contract workmen, and security personnel through safety experts. This is necessary because an individual’s mistake could cause the loss of so many lives. Hence everyone must be aware of the safety practices.

Operating manuals should be updated regularly in order to ensure the integrity of the safety procedures. Stringent supervision by Safety Personnel/ site supervisors should be performed at regular intervals to ensure the safety of workers.

Fire Fighting

A fixed and mobile fire fighting system should be set up for taking care of emergencies. Each work location should have a fully functional emergency management plan. In vulnerable areas, a well-organized water sprayer system should be set up.

Collaboration with the local emergency response community

Establish a good relationship with local emergency response organizations for a better overall safety. You may discuss and find out the best way to help each other during the health and safety hazards that occur at the workplace and during other emergencies.

Creation of a healthy work environment

Work culture has a great influence on the safety of workers. Employers should encourage a transparent and open environment through different training techniques and team exercises. They should also create awareness regarding the importance of a safe and healthy environment.

Machine Maintenance

Regular checkups of machines and tools should be conducted to prevent accidents and other hazards. A record should be maintained to keep track of maintenance and report of any unusual occurrences with a machine.

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