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About Clarion Products

Clarion offers an extensive range of premium quality lubricants suitable for a wide range of operations. Clarion is renowned for its wide array of food-grade and environmental lubricants. The Clarion products are known to prevent contamination, fines, recalls, and downtime without compromising equipment performance.

These products are precisely formulated to serve environmentally sensitive areas like open water, inland waterways, ports, watersheds, and forests. The most interesting characteristic of Clarion lubricants is that they are highly effective and safe to use.

Where To Buy Clarion Products?

Triune Oilfield and Industrial Supplies FZC is a distributor of a wide range of lubricants, cleaners, Personal Protective equipment, tools, and other oilfield and industrial supplies. Our years of industry experience, technical expertise, and a wide catalog of quality products will make your work easier and more efficient.

Through our premium oilfield and industrial supplies, you can cut your operating costs, reduce downtime, extend the life of your equipment, and maintain the smooth running of your entire operation.

Why Choose Triune?

Below are the reasons to choose Triune for all your oilfield and industrial supplies.

We are reliable

Our customers find us reliable as we provide safe, accurate, and on-time delivery.

Order With Confidence

With our dependable delivery and competitive rates, you can place your order without any hassle.

We Offer Consolidated Shipping

Say No to the delivery of products over a longer period and get all your products delivered at once through our consolidated shipping.

We Respond Promptly

No matter what your query is, call us at +971501814676 and we will resolve your query.

We Provide Competitive Bulk Pricing

Our goal is to foster great customer relationships by providing competitive pricing for bulk orders.

We Have Short Lead Times

Our short lead times ensure express delivery of your order.

We Ensure Stock Availability

We maintain massive stock of our products so that you don’t have to wait for restocking.

Call: +971 55 7489871
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