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Martin-Decker Corporation or MD TOTCO is one of the largest manufacturers of drilling equipment in the world. Over decades, the company has introduced several innovative equipment and instrumentation including the commercial weight indicator.  

The Martin-Decker Corporation was founded in 1928 when Frosty Martin and Elmer Decker bought the Loomis Oilwell Control Company. Over decades, Martin-Decker Corporation developed innovative products such as commercial weight indicators. 

In 1929, the Technical Oil Toot Corporation or TOTCO was founded for manufacturing mechanical drift recorders. On the success of the mechanical drift recorder, TOTCO became a famous term for the recorder. In 1990, Varco acquired both Companies Martin-Decker and TOTCO and MD TOTCO™ came into existence. 

The combined proficiency of both the companies provided MD TOTCO with the required instrumentation and control system. Ever since MD TOTCO was founded, it started offering a wide array of drilling instrumentation that meets worldwide certification needs. 

The MD TOTCO™ products provide the necessary information, flexible alarms, and other features that facilitate efficient and secure rig operations. Their wide range of drilling instrumentation industry-standard data protocols, field-operations infrastructure has enabled them to become one of the largest manufacturers of drilling equipment and solutions.  

MD TOTCO’S drilling solutions are developed to offer a highly accurate and reliable drilling experience to the users. Their solutions help in overcoming various challenges of the drilling industry. 

The instrumentation fluids of MD TOTCO can be used on indicator sensors, standpipe pressure gauge, mud pump, and as a lubricant on the rig floor. Their instrumentation fluid is formulated and developed using the highest grade materials so that you can rest assured that your instruments and equipment will be protected. 

Triune is a Dubai, UAE-based company, specializing in on/offshore drilling, production equipment, and well-servicing to the Oil Industry across the globe. We procure high-quality products from top brands to provide you the best oilfield products at the best possible pricing. 

Triune is a licensed supplier of MD TOTCO products including, Instrumentation Fluid – W15, Instrumentation Fluid – W8, W-15 Instrumentation Fluid Oil.1 Quart, and more. We cover several types of oilfield products to be your one-stop shop for all your oilfield needs.   

With our competitive bulk pricing, you can purchase all your oilfield supplies at the best possible price. We take the necessary precautions to maintain the quality and delivery the product to you securely.  

We look forward to servicing all your Oilfield and Industrial supply needs. 

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