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About Honeywell Products in Dubai, UAE

Honeywell is a global company committed to offering safe products for people working in a hazardous environment. It is one of the world’s best manufacturers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Optimum safety culture is proven to prevent accidents at the workplace cost-effectively. Honeywell offers a wide array of effective safety solutions in the oilfields and industries. 

All operations at Honeywell are focused on providing optimum protection. The designing and manufacturing of the Personal Protective Equipment are performed by combining quality, comfort, style, and safety. 

Honeywell offers safety products for a wide range of markets. Triune is an authorized distributor of Honeywell Oilfield and Industrial supplies in the UAE and worldwide.  

For the Oil industry, Honeywell provides a broad range of safety solutions and protective equipment. These safety solutions are well-suited to the harsh and risky environment. 

Honeywell consistently strives to support safety managers in building long-lasting safety cultures. Through its products, Honeywell intends to optimize safety, reduce risks and injuries. It also aims to provide a safe workplace to people working in Oilfields, Industries, Water wells, etc. 

With innovative technologies and global reach, Honeywell strives to offer optimum safety to people working in a hazardous environment. 

Honeywell’s safety equipment is highly effective against risks. The Honeywell products are high-quality, lightweight, and comfortable. All its products are well-suited for working conditions in the oil industry.  

Triune is a global distributor of Oilfield and Industrial supplies. We strongly focus on providing great value conveniently and cost-effectively. All products are categorized based on the brand and type of products for easier navigation. You can pick the oilfield and industrial products that meet your needs and purchase them together. 

Triune is an authorized supplier of Honeywell products in Dubai – UAE and across the globe. We offer highly competitive pricing for Honeywell products and other oilfield and industrial supplies for bulk orders. You can avail of our consolidated shipping on various products at Triune.  

For the oil and gas industry, Triune offers a wide array of Honeywell’s safety products and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). You can search for specific products or scroll through various products categorized under the Honeywell brand to find the most suitable safety product for you. 

Some of the best Honeywell products at Triune include Honeywell-RIGI Safety Shoes, UVEX Safety Glasses 1010950, UVEX Safety Glasses S3201X, and more. 

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