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Ironclad came into existence in 1997 when Ed Jaeger, Ironclad’s founder, was helping with a home build. Several workers including plumbers, electricians, masonry workers, demo guys, and construction workers were working on the site.

He observed them working and noticed that every worker possessed very expensive tools for specific tasks that they performed. However, they did not have gloves or any safety equipment that protected them. When asked, the workers told him that gloves get in the way of work as they are bulky and not suitable for the job.

Jaeger then developed task-specific gloves, constructed with materials like Kevlar™ and ballistic nylon. These gloves had a great fit and became an extension of the worker’s hands. Jaeger developed gloves that protected hands and helped in getting the job done.

The concept behind the gloves was to build a glove that offered protection and performance, without sacrificing either of them.

Ironclad pioneered the development of task-specific gloves that helped each worker complete their job safely, efficiently, and without any hassle. The Company also brought new materials, technologies, and innovations to these harsh working environments.

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