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About Malin.Co Products

Malin Co. is a leading supplier of wires such as safety wires – lock wires in the Malin popular blue can. The wires come in color-coded cans for easy identification of the lock wire supply.

Since 1884, the Malin Company has been leading the wire supply industry supporting several industries, OEMs, manufacturers, and aerospace companies with stainless steel wire.

The blue color cans contain stainless steel lock wire, the yellow color cans contain Inconel lock wire, the orange color cans contain oxidized Inconel safety wire, and the red color cans contain monel lock wire.

Where To Buy Malin.Co Products?

Triune offers oilfield and industrial supplies of various brands across the globe. If you are looking to buy original Malin Co. products then place your order with us here.

We understand the demands of oilfields and industry and strive to fulfill them. We offer a wide array of products needed in oilfields abd industries such as lubricants, greases, cleaners, safety equipment (PPE), rig tools and so on.

Why Choose Triune?

Here’s why selecting Triune is the best choice for your oilfield and industrial needs.

We are reliable

We offer a broad range of oilfield and industrial products and have them delivered to you regardless of your location across the globe.

Order With Confidence

We guarantee original and top-quality products that the oilfield and industrial demands.

We Offer Consolidated Shipping

Get our premium products delivered together at once with our consolidated shipping.

We Provide Competitive Bulk Pricing

Triune offers competitive bulk wire pricing compared to other suppliers.

We Have Short Lead Times 

We deliver our products at the fastest possible time due to our short lead time. 

We Ensure Stock Availability 

We always maintain the bulk amount of stock so that we can readily ship the products that you order. 

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